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Candy Voucher

What's a movie without fresh hot popcorn and an icy cold drink?!

Sure, there's nothing like a trip to the flicks, but it's just not the same without a box of popcorn and a drink in your armrest to wash it down with!

This voucher includes:

1x Small Popcorn and Small Drink combo

Valid at any Event, BCC, GU Film House, Greater Union or Village cinema throughout Australia.

 Validity: This product will be issued with 3 years of validity when purchased from 01 Nov 2019. Purchases prior to 01 Nov 2019 will carry the original validity as indicated at the time of sale.

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Here's what you will receive

  • 1 x Candy Bar Voucher which includes:
    • 1 Small Popcorn
    • 1 Small Drink
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