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Family Movie Pass - with Magnet

Entertain the whole family with the 'Fridge Friendly' Event Family Voucher and save!

Enjoy a day at the movies with the whole family and be rewarded with great savings. Each voucher comes with a magnetic strip for easy hanging to your fridge... no chance of losing this pass!

Available for use only at Event, Greater Union, BCC Cinemas and Village Cinemas. Valid for 'G' and 'PG' rated films.

Terms & conditions apply.

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Here's what you will receive

  • 1x Family Pass (2xAdult & 2xChildren or 1xAdult & 3xChildren) to the same movie session at Event, Greater Union, BCC or Village Cinemas across Australia
  • Valid for 'G' or 'PG' Rated Films
  • Child aged 3-15 years
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