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Movie Lovers Package

Lay on the charm with a Gold Class extravaganza - movie tragics tell us this is what it really looks like in heaven…

Want to give something special for that very special movie lover?

Whether it's an Anniversary surprise, Birthday present or a reward for an amazing performance at work, the Movie Lovers Package is guaranteed to make them putty in your hand.

Amid the intimacy of our Gold Class cinema, two guests will enjoy the movie of their choice with waiter service food and drinks brought to their luxurious reclining armchair seats. Then a second visit to the movies to enjoy everyone's favourite popcorn treat!


Changes to NSW Voucher Expiry:

Effective 31 March 2018, this product will be issued with 3 years of validity when delivered to a NSW postal address and 12 months of validity when delivered to all other Australian states and territories. Some gift cards and vouchers are exempt – further details can be found at www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au

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Here's what you will receive

  • 2 x Admissions into a Gold Class movie session
  • 1 x $10.00 Gold Class Bar Voucher
  • 2 x Adult admissions into a standard movie session
  • 2 x Star Candy Vouchers for a popcorn and coke
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